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This section was completed 20th July 2017, however the materials themselves were last updated on 9th October 2011. There will be many changes to be made to get this up-to-date. I visit Toxteth whenever I can, but re-writing and updating the entire site will take me some time.
Advice of changes would always be appreciated as would any new materials to add.

The original skeleton for this page was from The Merseyside Pub Guide by Phil Wieland (adapted with Phil’s permission) and many of the pub visit comments are his. In addition many other people have generously helped with reminiscences and a picture or two, for which my grateful thanks.

Pub name




Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel

listed here as the Royal Park Hotel.84 North Hill Street, junction with Windsor Street /
Admiral Street
AlabamaLong since demolished along with the area, no trace of Tavistock Street exists. A stub of Anglesea Street, with the Anglesea Pub remains.Tavistock Street / Anglesea Street
AlbanyA very scruffy plain bar side, lounge was closed. Very congenial regulars and staff.
Visited 2005, closed and boarded up.
Visited April 2008 refurbished into offices, no longer a pub.
100 Smithdown Road (the even side at this point is within Toxteth Park).
no longer exists
71 Park Street / Llanwrst Street
Alexandra HotelThe building was in poor condition, but there was a light inside in Jan 2005 and the building was still functional in some way.135 Upper Hill Street / Gibson Street. Close to Princes Avenue.
Alton Towers

--39 Mill Street
Angel VaultsCLOSED and boarded up when visited 1999. Revisited in 2005, intact & for sale but in tumbledown condition.29 Stanhope Street / Caryl Street
AngleseaTwo-sided pub with a plain bar and a nicely done out lounge. The name alludes to Anglesea Street and, in turn, to the historical spelling of Anglesey.
Last visited Nov 2004.
94 Beresford Road / Tavistock Walk. Tavistock Walk is the renamed stub of the now demolished Anglesea Street.
Bank House
There were originally two pubs at the junction of Windsor Street and Upper Warwick Street. Nearer the river was a Bent's pub, this one. The other was a Walker's house called the Sefton Arms and known locally as Brown's.
CLOSED. Burnt out.
144 Windsor Street / Upper Warwick Street
Beaufort Arms--
228 Beaufort Street
Beaufort Vaults
Demolished 1950s247 / 249 Beaufort St. / Rutter St.

Nicely preserved, red brick exteriorBryanston Road
Beresford Arms
(The Nutty)
This small street corner pub has a tiny plain clean and tidy bar and a larger lounge not visited. Last visited June 2003.Beresford Road / Cockburn Street
Beresford Hotel

demolished 1960s
411 Mill Street/ Beresford Road
Berkley Armsclosed 1980sUpper Stanhope Street
-2 Harlow Street / Paulton Street

Standing in 1976, now gone.
27 Beaufort Street
Bleak HouseThis pub with a bar, a lounge and a side "library" is nicely preserved and well cared for. The lounge is served from the traditional hatch at the back of the bar when last visited June 2003.131 Park Hill Road / Cockburn Street
BoundaryA wonderful interior with high ceilings, wood panelling and tile work in this very large pub. There is a significant slope to the floor in the lounge side. It is difficult to tell how much of the excellent woodwork inside dates back to the 1904 date on the outside of the building.Smithdown Road / Lodge Lane
Brewery Tap
(Grapes Inn)
Very small excellently preserved pub, built
into the corner of the Cain's brewery. Last visited April 2004.
Stanhope Street / Grafton Street (in Cains Brewery)
BritanniaA new pub built for the garden festival in 1984. Sited in the region of what was Dingle Point.
Riverside Drive
Brook HouseNamed after the upper Brook which once flowed above-ground through the grounds of this, the second building on the site. An earlier Brook House stood nearby initially.Smithdown Road, opposite junction with Greenbank Road
Brunswick Hotel
(Seven Steps)
Refurbished, still standing this now houses a new business and is no longer in use as a pub but the seven steps from which it gained its local name, are still there.Sefton Street (Dock Road) and Northumberland Street
California VaultsDemolished in the 1980s
4 Parliament Street, Junction of Dwerryhouse Street
Cambridge Vaults
(The Cam)
Alt Street / Cam Street

Campfield HotelA rather tatty but clean and tidy one bar pub with a very scruffy exterior. Closed and boarded up when visited April 2006, still standing.
Refurbished and to let as offices July 2006.
16 Smithdown Road / Yanwath Street
Carnarvon Castle
A short-lived pub
94 Wellington Road / Bembridge (Francis) Street
Castle Inn
-31 Miles Street / 58a Clevedon Street
Channel Fleet-Just behind the bombed air-raid shelter.
Grafton Street / Park Street
Chesterfield ArmsStarted life as a lodging house, then a pub. Demolished between 1936-1946
1 Chesterfield Street / Upper Stanhope Street
Childe of Hale Vaults
(The Ship Inn [1894])
seemingly a short lived 19th century pub, later a fish and chip shop then it vanished.
50 Hill Street
(The Crows Nest)
shown below as The Crows Nest133 Mill Street / Warwick Street
Clevedon ArmsLong since demolished
292 Upper Parliament Street corner of Embledon Street
Coach and Horses
(The Sportsman)
A large, open pleasantly decorated social club style bar. Last visited June
2005. Closed, shuttered and possibly burnt out.
Lodge Lane / Solway Street/
Eden Street
Coach and Horses

259-263 Park Road / Aberdeen Street
Coburg Arms
( The Devil[s])
Plain pub with two bars plus a pool room. Larger inside than the small frontage on Sefton St. would suggest.
Last visited April 2004. Thought to have been nicknamed 'The Devils' in contrast to 'The Angel' further up Stanhope Street.
Sefton Street / Stanhope Street
Combermere Arms-
Was there in 1894, appears to have gone by 1938.
1 Combermere Street
Cometnow demolished
12 St James Place / Ashwell Street
Conway Castle
(Conway Castle Vaults)
now demolished
22 Park Street / Beaufort Street
78 South Street / Hawkstone Road
Crow's Nest
A nice, clean and tidy, plain wood panelled interior to this two bar pub, rather let down by the scruffy exterior.
CLOSED when Phil last visited 1999. Being refurbished when Paul went in ?2005
133 Mill Street / Warwick Street
(Maggie Backford's 1950-60s)
(Wilkies 60s-90s)
A pub with which I have many family ties. CLOSED and demolished in the late 1990s.120 Park Road
Croxteth Hotel
(Chaplins Bar)
At one stage closed and crumbling, this was restored
and re-opened under a new name.
145 Lodge Lane / Moss Grove
Cuckoo Vaults
Lodge Lane / Solway Street
Darnley Arms
Warwick Street / Darnley Street
39 Lodge Lane / Longfellow Street
Denbigh Castle
19 Frank Street
Derby Arms
(The Dead House)
A plain, clean and tidy knocked through pub with a small stage for live music.
The new building sits on the site of the earlier pub with same name. Visited June 2003
365 Mill Street / Wellington Road
Dick Jennings
(The Grapes)
(Wood's House)
(The Jennie)
A plain tatty traditional street corner pub, one bar plus a scruffy back lounge. Formerly the Grapes then Wood's House, it was renamed after Richard Jennings, the manager in the 1930s.
CLOSED and boarded up when visited April 2005. Apparently being converted to housing in Aug 2007.
106 Hill Street / 55a Mill Street
Digby HouseDigby Street / Collins Street
Dingle ArmsLong since demolished. The address is actually in Wellington Road.
Park Road / Wellington Road
Dingle Hotel
(Jessie Appleton's)
347 Park Road / Leonora Street
Dumbarton Castle
15 St James Place
EmpressAn unusually tall, narrow
building but a well looked after pub with three rooms
front-to-back but only one counter. Ringo Starr was born a few streets away, and spent part of his childhood living in the area. An exterior view features on the sleeve of his album Sentimental Journey.
93 High Park Street / Wellington Terrace
20 Park Street / 306 Beaufort Street
Farmers ArmsIn 1999 the exterior was so scruffy and run down we thought the place was
closed. Inside was much better and included an impressive mirrored
ceiling over a small dance floor area. This was later closed, later demolished. Grassed over by 2005.
Park Road / Gelling Street
Flat IronThis formed the apex of a triangular block at the junction of St. James's Place and Mill Street.1-3 Mill Street
(The Gladstone Vaults)
32 & 34 Dove Street, this is the junction with Thames Street
GlobeThere are two bars plus a back lounge served from a hatch (with "Newsroom" etched in the glass in the doors) in this nice ale house
which retains some original features, including leaded windows.
Last visited Jan 2005.
44 & 46 Park Road / Combermere Street
148-151 Beaufort Street, 1926
GrapesA plain, comfortable enough, two-sided boozer. It was CLOSED and boarded up when visited in 1999 by Phil but revisited by Paul in January 2005 and it was then open again.Windsor Street / Grey Street
44 Warwick Street/Beaufort Street junction
34 Mill Street
111-113 Mill Street
GrapesNo longer standing
Lodge Lane / Windsor View
(Dick Jennings)
later became 'Wood's House' before finishing life as The Dick Jennings.55a Mill Street
Great EasternA plain two-sided boozer. Last visited February 2004.
June 2006 boarded up and closed.
Mill Street / Harlow Street
Closed in the 1980s and long gone.Upper Hill Street
Grosvenor Closed and for sale April 2005, brewery board and even the pub name board removed but standing well against the surrounding dereliction. Lodge Lane / Ritson Street
Harrington Arms
- - Lodge Lane / Yanwath Street
Herculaneum Bridge
This pub, sits alone in an area of, largely, new housing. It is completely unspoiled and well cared for. The interior includes the traditional arrangement of a lounge served only from a hatch at the back of the bar across the corridor. The bar back is a splendid wood and glass partition and the bar room and corridor have nice tiled walls. Last visited June 2003.
Wellington Road
Herdman - - 59 & 61 Hill Street
High Park Inn
(Knob Hill)
(Nob Hill)
CLOSED as a pub. This is now Charlett's Funeral Director's. Not visited!
The nickname comes up often but I do not know the derivation for certain, it probably relates to the imagined wealth of local inhabitants of the area at the time the nickname was bestowed.
187 Park Roa d / High Park Street
Highland Home
CLOSED and boarded up when this was taken, in 2005. Looking like an 'Insurance job' fire waiting to happen. Not visited.
Sefton Street / Hill Street
HollowCLOSED 102 Mill Street
Jessie Appleton's-See Dingle Hotel 347 Park Road
JollyA sadly ill conceived and short lived pub, victim of demographics and recession. Now demolished. Hawkstone Street/South Street / Aberdeen Street / Digby Street
Lagos Hotel
( The Grapes)
- 86 Hill Street
Little Woodman Thought to have been demolished, but it lasted under another usage. Still standing in 2011, though awaiting demolition.3 & 5 Hill Street
Lord Clive - - 28 Northumberland Street / Clive Street
( Sefton Arms)
A nicely done out friendly two sided pub.
Last visited June 2005.
North Hill Street / Lothian Street
Maid of Erin
-- 23 Mill Street
Masonic-My grandfather was born next door - does anyone have a picture please ?Park Road/High Park Street.211 Park Road
Masonic Arms Little else stands near this derelict looking
pub except new housing.
19 Lodge Lane at the junction of River Avon Street.
MerseybeatCLOSED and demolished.
Not visited.
56 Park Street
Mersey Forge
long gone42 Harlow Street / 346 Mill Street
Mersey View
(Dirty Dicks)
CLOSED and demolished 277 Grafton Street / Park Street.
Millom Castle
-After 1962 used as a surgery, later demolished.223 & 225 Mill Street
Mosley ArmsIn this nice plain friendly two roomed boozer, the lounge is served only from a hatch at the back of the bar.
Last visited October 2004.
Mill Street / Laxey Street
A plain pub with two bars plus a side room. It was very quiet and the lounge side was closed when I visited. Now CLOSED, demolished and grassed over. Gone by 2002. South Hill Road / Dingle Mount
Mulliner This large pleasantly decorated one room knocked round bar has areas chained off at quiet times.

Smithdown Road / Mulliner Street
(The Irish House)
- 76 Windsor Street / Upper Hill Street
(The Turtle Dove)
Demolished45 & 47 Dove Street, junction with Liffey Street.
Neptune Hotel
- One of two pubs on Hill Street at the Beaufort Street junction, the other being The Woodman Inn 58 Hill Street / Beaufort Street
Newstead Abbey A friendly plain pub with one bar plus a back room, clean and tidy and decorated with lots of pictures of old Liverpool.
Last visited May 2003.
Smithdown Road / Newstead Road
Northumberland Arms
- now gone 116 Northumberland Street (Park Road junction)
Old House at Home

46 Stanhope Street
Old Stingo
- - High Park Street / Greta Street
Parkside Hotel
- - 28 Smithdown Road
-Alt Street / Thames Street
PheasantA Tetley Walker house now long gonePark Road / Tavistock Street232 Park Road
(Wilsons Tavern)
A well looked after and nicely decorated two bar pub. There are some unusual low arches at the rear of the bar side, over a small dance floor and stage.
Last visited January 2005 and still open.
125 Cockburn Street / Ruby Street junction
PineappleThe plain well kept front bar, lounge to the rear not visited. The site of a famous
historical pub dating to the 1760s or before. Last visited October 2004.
258 Park Road / Moses Street
Poets Corner
A plain bar and a nice lounge in this traditional busy friendly local.
Last visited June 2003. Reported closed "in 2008" and "by 2012".
27 & 29 Park Hill Road / Bowring Street
- no details yet 2 Bessemer Street
Prince Arthur
-- 33 & 35 Arthur Street, corner of Jevons St
Prince of Wales
--80 Wellington Road / Bessemer Street
Prince of Wales Inn
- Demolished 1 Northumberland Street / Grafton Street
Quarantine Inn
- Demolished 2 Warwick Street
Queen's ArmsA pleasant, large, free standing two-sided partly knocked-through pub with some nice dark wood panelling. Last visited January 2005. 100 Admiral Street / South Street
Queen's Arms -Demolished 104 Northumberland Street
Queen's HeadThis is a well kept tiny one-roomed corner house.Last visited February 2004. 149 Park Road / 1 North Hill Street
Queen's Vaults241 Upper Parliament Street / Crown Street
Rob Roy 101 & 103 Beaumont Street, close to Lodge Lane
Royal George
Now CLOSED and boarded up. Running as a pub in 1999. Still there, but crumbling, in January
2005. Demolished in 2008.
99 Park Road. junction of Upper Park Street
Royal Hotel This plain, slightly run down but spotlessly clean pub retains the traditional layout inside, where the two lounges are served from a
hatch at the back of the bar. The exterior features some tremendous tile-work. This straddles the boundary - the front of the pub is in Toxteth, the rear is in Edge Hill!
Smithdown Road / Langton Road
Royal OakThe interior of this large corner house is one very nicely decorated and well looked after room knocked round the bar.
Last visited April 2004. Replaces an older pub
of the same name.
Park Road / 1 Upper Warwick Street. 51 Park Place (Park Place becomes Park Road at this junction).
Royal Park Hotel
(Royal Oak Hotel)
Royal Park Hotelno longer standing. Demolished some time after 1966 84 North Hill Street, junction with Windsor Street /
Admiral Street
Sefton Arms-said to have closed in the early 1970s Windsor Street / 49 Upper Warwick Street
Sefton Arms
( Top of Lacky)
-Park Road / Laxey Street32 & 34 Park Road
Sefton Arms--Ouse Street / Greta Street
Sefton Arms
- Entry is under The Lothian132-134 North Hill St, Lothian Street
St James no longer a pub Upper Parliament Street
Ship Inn
(Childe of Hale Vaults)
-A short-lived 19th Century pub which later vanished50 Hill Street
- - 6 Mill Street
see Coach and HorsesLodge Lane/ Eden Street
Shropshire Arms
- Almost lost in the grandure of the adjacent 'Boundary' but this one IS within toxteth 4 Smithdown Road
Solway Arms - -87 Alt Street / Solway Street
South HillThis corner house with three rooms was neat and tidy, apart from the gents.
Last visited Jan 2005 - I am told that it was burned out in late 2005 by November 2006 it was demolished, another one gone
South Hill Road / Stillington Road (formerly 2 Menzies Street)
- - 290 Mill Street
-- Park Road / Parkhill Road318 Park Road
Star Hotel
(The Three Bells)
The Star started life at No 24 Warwick Street, it moved to 22 and was later renamed to The Three Bells before its eventual demolition. 22 Warwick Street
Swan Hotel
- -Park Road / Drysdale Street370 Park Road
Tally Ho-This has long since ceased to be a pub and was demolished in the 1970s
45 St James Place
Three Bells
(The Star)
The Star started life at No 24 Warwick Street, it moved to 22 and was later renamed to The Three Bells before its eventual demolition.22 Warwick Street
Three Lamps
- - 89 Mill Street
ToxtethA very nicely preserved two bar pub. Closed as a pub prior to 1999 but in use as offices of Dingle Online in Sept. 2004. Junction of Park Road and Park Street (by North Hill St), opposite the Royal George.(address is 141 Park Street)
Turk's Head
- - 29-31 Harlow Street / Clive Street
Two Lions
- - 190 Mill Street
Union Vaults
- - 76 Hill Street / Wolfe Street
Volunteer-confusingly close to the second pub of this name.
Now vanished this does not occur in directories after WW2
37 & 39 Upper Hill Street
Volunteer ArmsA tatty but clean and tidy, friendly three room pub. Last visited 1999. CLOSED and demolished 2005 and housing occupies the site.
2 Park Place junction with Upper Hill Street
Warwick Castle
opposite the Crows Nest, now demolished 134 Mill Street
Warwick Castle - Thought to have been demolished in the late 1980s 56 & 58 Warwick Street / Henderson Street
Warwick Hotel - Demolished 1 Warwick Street
Warwick House - now demolished 123 Warwick Street & 48 Park Place
Weathercock - - 117 Hill Street / Mill Street
Wheatsheaf - -309 Park Road / Byles Street
Wheatsheaf--Alt Street / Eden Street
Wellington ButtsA slightly tatty, friendly two-sided local, knocked round a central square counter.
Last visited February 2004.
Windsor Street / Upper Stanhope Street
Wellington Vaults
( Wellie)
A pleasant three room pub with a small front bar, a larger lounge and a side room served from a small counter. A busy popular local, kept clean and tidy.
Last visited June 2003.
376 Mill Street / Shelmore Drive (this was formerly the lower end of Wellington Road)
Wilsons Tavern
125 Cockburn Street / Ruby Street junction
Windsor CastleCLOSED.
Now converted to studios for Not visited.
Windsor Street / Grey Street
Windsor Castle - - Bowring Street / Drysdale Street
Windsor Castle - - Beaumont Street
Windsor Hotel
(The Clock)
A magnificent red-brick building, demolished and no longer standing, new buildings occupy the site. The official entrance (postal address and Landlord's entrance) is on Kingsley Road, however the longest face being on Beaumont Street, this was regarded as its location.
Beaumont Street
An old farm building, later a pub, this is part of an un-named hamlet on the very edge of toxteth, which pre-dates the Victorian development of the area by
50-100 years.
Smithdown Road / Bagot Street
Woodcutters - Not visited.
Hill Street (approx)
Wood's House
( Grapes)
(Dick Jennings)
see under Dick Jennings -

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