We hope to be back by Autumn

After some years I hope to be able to make the data from toxteth.net available again.

I don’t anticipate that re-editing the site and then uploading it will be done quickly and I want to make sure both that the data is correct and that the site functions properly before re-opening it. This is why I have provisionally set the timescale to “autumn” which is a guess, not even an estimate.

I do, in some way, need to make the site pay for itself and so I  also have to figure out a system for this before re-opening, but fingers crossed, the site content will be back this year.

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  1. i found the the original site on the web crawler years ago and found it brilliant to my research to my family history, old street names,areas of where i was born lived and went to school,it was a shame that the tossers took all the photos and such ,but the rest of the site made up for it . I hope it can be revised. good luck to you. Jim Bennett ( ex St Malachys Boy – 1956 -1962 and St George’s , Mill St 1962 – 1966)

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